Famous Museums in Paris and 4 Other Places Around the World

Posted by Dynamic Language November 16, 2015

Paris's Louvre Museum at night.

For those who enjoy art, a visit to a famous museum ranks high on the bucket list of things they would like to do in their lifetime. And for those with a travel budget, there's no place in the world better than Paris, France to indulge your love of art and museums. Here is a list of museums in France and other places in the world that are on the must-see lists of many.

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The Meaning of Red and Other Colors Around the World

Posted by Dynamic Language November 09, 2015

Chinese weddings prominently feature the color red.

Around the world, different colors can have very different meanings. Knowing what colors mean in different countries can help you decide what colors to use on websites targeted to particular countries or cultures. It can also help you understand what colors to avoid, as well as avoiding misunderstandings or insults that may come about as various colors are used.

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Favorite Desserts in Australia and 10 Other Places Around the World

Posted by Dynamic Language October 11, 2015

Lamingtons are a special treat native to Australia.

Around the world, sweet treats take on different forms to delight the natives and visitors alike. Although there are many different tastes and variations, they all have one thing in common--satisfying the collective sweet tooth of people the world over.

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Women's Fashion Trends Around the World

Posted by Dynamic Language October 03, 2015

In some places around the world, women like to wear bright, bold colors.

Just when you think you've mastered the latest clothing styles, an overseas excursion can make you wonder if you'll stand out like a sore thumb while walking the streets of a city very different from yours. Here are some fashion trends seen around the world that you can co-opt for a look with flair, even if your feet are staying firmly planted in your own hometown.

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Reaching a Global Audience via Email

Posted by Dynamic Language September 27, 2015

Global email campaigns can be successful if you tailor them to to the language and culture.

Done properly, an email marketing campaign is an effective way to communicate to interested parties about your goods and services. Successful email marketing drives visitors to your website, creates brand awareness, and converts visitors to purchasing or subscribing customers.

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What Do They Drink in Spain? (and other parts of the world)?

Posted by Dynamic Language September 06, 2015

Tea, whether iced or hot, is the most popular
drink worldwide besides water.

Whether it's to cool off on a hot day, to start a meal, or to enjoy some social time with friends, having a drink is a ritual that many people around the world relish. Here are some of the most popular top drinks from around the world.

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