Is Machine Translation Leading to Lower Translation Standards?

Posted by Josh Kroman January 24, 2012

Just as calculators have been blamed for children's lack of math skills, could it be that Machine Translation (MT) is to blame for some questionable translation practices? And does MT cause people to have unrealistic expectations for their translation projects?

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Machine Translation: Is it viable from a quality perspective yet?

Posted by Audrey Dubois-Boutet November 16, 2010

I'm responsible for Quality Assurance at Dynamic Language, a.k.a. making sure things are correct and look pretty. :)

A relatively new translation practice has come to our attention that has me somewhat concerned, however. Some companies in our industry are using machine translation in lieu of human translators, thereby marketing quick lower-cost translation services. While that may sound desirable to many clients, the process is far from what we would consider a "best practice".

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World Cup Fans Listen Up!

Posted by Audrey Dubois-Boutet May 20, 2010

Are you a die-hard soccer fan and thinking about going to South Africa for the World Cup next month? It could be the trip of a lifetime, but what if you come down with an illness while you’re overseas? The language barrier could make finding care twice as difficult.

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Machine Translation Introduced to Office 2010

Posted by Audrey Dubois-Boutet March 31, 2010

Microsoft is playing all their cards in the world’s largest game of automatic machine translation.

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