Avoid Risks: Professional Translation Services Can Protect You and Non-English Speaking Legal Clients

Posted by Dynamic Language November 05, 2015

Apparatus often used by a court interpreter.

According to the latest census data, there are over 13 million people in the U.S. who don't speak English well enough to communicate with legal counsel. These numbers have tripled in the last 30 years while overall population growth during that time has only been about 38%. Two-thirds of non-English speakers speak Spanish. Other languages that have increased are Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Persian, Armenian, Korean, and Tagalog. Hindi and Swahili have also increased significantly.

Lawyers representing clients who don't speak English well can run into problems that may present risks to their practices. Some of these risks may also occur when the client speaks English, but witnesses or other parties in the litigation do not.

The issues that arise when lawyers represent non-English speaking clients are possible breach of confidentiality, the possibility that the translator has an independent agenda, and accuracy.

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Patent Filing in Japan: Legal Translation Services Required

Posted by Dynamic Language October 25, 2015

Patent filing requirements are different in different countries.

When something new is invented in America, most people know they should file a patent to prevent anyone else from copying that idea and using it to sell products and make money based on that idea. What many people might not know is that their U.S. patent gives them no ultimate protection outside the United States of America.

To fully protect a new invention, it is necessary to file additional patents for any countries outside the U.S. in which you plan to market the product. There are some treaties in place that make this easier, but it is important to know the rules for each treaty and each foreign country in order to stay protected.

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7 Reasons You Need Legal Translation Services For Evidentiary and Financial Documents

Posted by Dynamic Language October 14, 2015

Financial documents may contain specialized language best handled by a skilled translator.

Evidentiary and financial documents are official documents that deal with important matters - matters related to money or pending legal cases that could have serious consequences for the parties involved. When evidentiary and financial documents are presented in a language that you don't understand, professional legal translation services offer the best path toward everyone understanding the meaning and intent of the documents in question.

Following are some important reasons to consider using professional translation services for financial and evidentiary documents:

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Legal Translation Services for Discovery Support

Posted by Dynamic Language October 07, 2015

Legal cases in other countries present difficulties with language.

In legal proceedings, the discovery process is the way each side finds evidence and obtains information that the other side will be using in their case. Attorneys use various procedural devices during the discovery process including investigations and subpoenas.

The discovery process can be important in narrowing the issues of a lawsuit to only what is relevant to the case and proceedings. Discovery can also lead to the settlement of the lawsuit before the trial once both sides see the evidence and information the other side has in its possession. It often doesn't make sense to proceed with the lawsuit or defense of it when you know that the other side has a stronger case than you do.

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Document Translation of Contracts and Patents

Posted by Dynamic Language September 24, 2015

It is never wise to sign a contract until you are 100% sure what it says.

When working to secure patents or legal agreements like contracts in other countries, language barriers are obstacles that must be carefully navigated. There are several ways to get documents translated, with varying degrees of success.

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Legal Translation Services: Overcoming Language Barriers of International Adoptions

Posted by Dynamic Language September 21, 2015

International adoptions involve lots of paperwork and documentation.

International adoptions are complicated, time-consuming and expensive. They involve specific requirements and regulations that must be followed completely in order to have a successful adoption. Many of these regulations were made to protect children from fraud and abuse such as human trafficking. Adoption laws have become increasingly strict in an attempt to exclude adoptions that may be harmful to children.

The Importance of Knowing the Laws and Regulations

It is important to know all the regulations governing international adoptions that are pertinent to your situation. The country in which the child lives, your home country, and (in the U.S.) the state in which you reside all have laws and regulations governing adoptions that must be followed. In your home country and state, the language used for documentation and regulation should be familiar to you, but understanding the regulations and laws of the adoptive child's country can be a problem.

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