Document Translation of Contracts and Patents

Posted by Dynamic Language Sep 24, 2015

It is never wise to sign a contract until you are 100% sure what it says.

When working to secure patents or legal agreements like contracts in other countries, language barriers are obstacles that must be carefully navigated. There are several ways to get documents translated, with varying degrees of success.

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Legal Translation Services: Overcoming Language Barriers of International Adoptions

Posted by Dynamic Language Sep 21, 2015

International adoptions involve lots of paperwork and documentation.

International adoptions are complicated, time-consuming and expensive. They involve specific requirements and regulations that must be followed completely in order to have a successful adoption. Many of these regulations were made to protect children from fraud and abuse such as human trafficking. Adoption laws have become increasingly strict in an attempt to exclude adoptions that may be harmful to children.

The Importance of Knowing the Laws and Regulations

It is important to know all the regulations governing international adoptions that are pertinent to your situation. The country in which the child lives, your home country, and (in the U.S.) the state in which you reside all have laws and regulations governing adoptions that must be followed. In your home country and state, the language used for documentation and regulation should be familiar to you, but understanding the regulations and laws of the adoptive child's country can be a problem.

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