Challenges of Translating Legal Documents - What You Need to Know

Posted by Dynamic Language January 19, 2018

Translating for the legal industry is often complex, requiring a depth of knowledge of technical terms and their underlying meanings that far surpasses other fields. In the legal industry, perhaps more than in any other, professional translations are necessary to ensure understanding and avoid significant potential liability associated with inaccurate information or misleading translations. 

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Supply Chain Danger - Code of Conduct Compliance

Posted by Dynamic Language October 10, 2017

To ensure consistent quality and standards, many global companies implement a code of conduct for every member of their supply chain to follow. This also ensures consistency through the imposition and compliance of ethical standards. When all supply chain members are guided by the same principles, they can act in a manner consistent with the business’ core values.

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Marketing for Law Firms: 3 Critical Things NOT to Do

Posted by Dynamic Language June 19, 2017

Marketing to non-English-speaking or English as a Second Language (ESL) clientele opens up the possibilities for a much wider and diverse client base. However, not understanding the tactics needed to reach this market successfully can lead to disappointment. There are an estimated 37 million Spanish-speaking people in the U.S. alone, with another 10 million that speak one of the other top 8 non-English languages. There are benefits to understanding how to reach and communicate with this largely untapped market.

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Court Cases Gone Wrong: Why Hiring a Professional Interpreter Is a Must

Posted by Dynamic Language May 01, 2017

No one wants to be wrongly accused and found guilty of a crime they didn't commit. Those who are guilty, and trying to repent, should have the chance to explain themselves in court. The ability to comprehend everything in the courtroom is what makes all the difference in a fair trial, after all.

Let's take a look at some court cases gone wrong as a result of mis-interpretation.

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Mistranslations Can Become a Legal Liability

Posted by Dynamic Language March 06, 2017

In today's increasingly diverse world of fast-paced international business, it's become common to wonder whether information needs to be translated into multiple languages. This is even more important in the legal industry.

Businesses should ask whether they should retain a professional translation service. For instance, courts have previously ruled that employers who have not provided translated documents (such as employee handbooks) that describe central rights or particular employment policies have not given their employees meaningful access to this information. By not having such information in place, these employers face the risk of increased liability when an employee claims not to have been aware of a policy that was designed to protect them. Also, it is important that legal documents are translated by a professional, as mistranslations can become a legal liability.

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The Legal Translator: Part Linguist, Part Scholar, Part Detective

Posted by Dynamic Language February 06, 2017

Some legal terms just don't exist in some countries, and that presents special challenges when legal documents need to be translated. Translating legalese word for word is virtually impossible for conveying the intent of a legal instrument. A depth of knowledge and understanding about the legal systems, cultures and languages of different countries is called for, in order to produce a translation that has the same legal effect in each place.

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Legal Translation SME Saves the Day

Posted by Dynamic Language January 09, 2017

Lawyers and judges have their own language and though the purpose is clarity, the results aren't always clear to outsiders. But a lot is at stake with that legal lexicon; court challenges can hinge on the interpretation of a few words, even without the additional burden of translating from one language to another. Translating legal documents presents unique challenges and responsibilities for the translator.

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The Complexity of Legal Translation

Posted by Dynamic Language October 12, 2016

Translation and practicing law are both very different vocations, but when it comes to the amount of flexibility that lawyers and translators have in the words they use, there is very little.  The word of the law is the word of the law – whether it’s in a statute, a contract, a patent, a confidentiality agreement or a witness statement; the law must be accurate in every language. Ensuring that legal terms are correct in the language they are being translated into is always vital, but sometimes challenging to achieve.

With the inherent complexity of the English language consider the difficulties in expressing English legal terms into other languages through translation.  There are cultural inconsistencies in legal translation that often come up.  English terms at times do not have offer direct translation in some languages.  For example, the Greek language offers no equivalent term for "fiduciary."  Should someone in your organization suggest machine translation  as a viable solution for legal translation, tell them to reconsider. 

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Guide to Written Language Services Infographic

Posted by Dynamic Language August 22, 2016

It is critical that companies choose the appropriate language service when opting to translate a product or service or your website for different countries and regions.  Dynamic Language offers translation, localization and transcreation services.  No particular service type is "better" than another.  Rather, each is appropriate for varying circumstances.

Let’s take a quick look at when is the most appropriate time to utilize each written language service type. 

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How Document Translation Services Fit In With Service of Process Abroad

Posted by Dynamic Language November 13, 2015

Figuring out how to serve process in a foreign country takes a little know-how.

Serving process means delivering legal notice to someone which requires that person to appear in court. When you sue someone, you need to notify them legally that they are being sued and need to appear in court.

In the U.S., serving process is fairly simple - just find the person and deliver the summons. When serving process to someone outside the country, however, it gets much more complex. Different countries all have their own requirements for legal matters, and they must be followed in order to pursue legal action.

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