Marketing Localization: Buyer Behavior in Global Markets

Posted by Dynamic Language Feb 24, 2015

The process of localizing your products and services for different countries and regions is critical to realizing the potential value of your target market. Market research company, Common Sense Advisory, has found that among global customers, “75% prefer to buy products in their native language”. North American companies have invested in targeted marketing strategies and expect revenues from foreign operations and sales to steadily increase in the future.

Localization’s Role in Marketing Strategy

When it comes to target markets, there are two elements required for successful communication: understanding exactly who your ideal buyer is, and learning how to reach them. This first part is usually handled by high-level sales and marketing strategists at your company who have thoroughly researched the locations of your target market. There are some important characteristics for deciding the key demographics: buyer’s age, job function, and understanding their biggest professional or personal challenges, etc.

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Topics: Localization, Translation, Advertising, Marketing