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Humorous Translation Mistakes

Posted by Uliana Prosvirina November 13, 2014

More and more companies are trying to expand by bringing their business into new global markets. The amount of work and effort it takes to decide which market to enter is tremendous and requires significant research. Part of conquering a new market is ensuring that your company’s message is heard. That’s when language localization comes into play.  Many companies have made the expensive and embarrassing mistake of translating marketing content instead of localizing.  Here are some translation mistakes examples of companies that their intended message was not well received by its new global markets.

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Two Common Misconceptions about Translation and Localization

Posted by Uliana Prosvirina November 10, 2014

Many companies are convinced that to localize their product or service means to simply translate related marketing materials. However, in the majority of cases, just translating is not enough.
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