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Untapped Potential for Marketers

Posted by Josh Kroman December 08, 2014

Connecting with customers in their native language has proven effective, yet most new U.S. companies continue to market English-only.

Last week, our partner Smartling released the results of a survey that asked 160 U.S.-based, senior-level content marketers working for emerging brands to determine how they are marketing to multilingual audiences around the world. 

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Smartling's Global Delivery Network Automates Website Localization

Posted by Josh Kroman December 01, 2014

The second major component of the Smartling translation technology platform is the Global Delivery Network. This could be more aptly named “website localization on the fly”. The Smartling platform connects to your website and responds to requests for localized pages. When users send these requests, the platform is able to detect not only the language being requested, but also the location of the enduser. An appropriate page is served up via Smartling’s servers to the user in real time based on the pre-translated strings of text that you’ve had translated by professional linguists via the platform. 

For those who’ve localized websites before, one of the major challenges is determining your target audience and coding the site to properly serve up content in the manner that the user expects. This means not only serving up the correct language, but also displaying the correct units of measurement, date format and type of currency. Depending on how your website has been built, this can sometimes be a significant challenge.

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Smartling Manages and Delivers Professional Translations

Posted by Josh Kroman November 25, 2014

Smartling’s new approach to localization takes the translation industry by storm

After securing $25 million in venture funding back in May, Smartling raised more than a few eyebrows in the translation industry, especially after securing partnerships with well-known companies like Spotify, British Airways, SurveyMonkey and Tesla. In this blog series we’ll take a look at what the various Smartling tools can do and how they can aid in the translation and localization process.

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Shifting left: A localization best practice

Posted by Josh Kroman September 25, 2014


Taking localization into consideration earlier produces results

The race to the finish line—it can be stressful, for any kind of project. Hiccups at the last minute can lead to stress for anyone, so preventing errors and misunderstandings early on in the project timeline is quite important.

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Is Your Content Ready for Localization?

Posted by Josh Kroman September 08, 2014

Are you planning a localization project in the near future? Whether you’re a project manager, a technical writer, a graphic designer or an editor, adjustments can be made to prepare your content for localization. Investing in a localization strategy which includes optimizing your content prior to translation will result in cost savings when working with your vendors and contractors.

Technical writer Mary Dulin has compiled a list of these content optimization tips entitled, “Is your content ready for Localization?” Ranging from writing and designing content to working with language service providers and translators, her list covers a wide variety of issues that come into play during localization projects. Here are some highlights:

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Localization Best Practices: International vs. Standard English

Posted by Josh Kroman August 28, 2014

What if you are trying to communicate with a country that uses English as an official language? Or you are using English to speak with people in the business world? Your work is done, right? Think again, comparatively there are significant differences with international vs. standard English.  Here is a breakdown of those differences and some localization best practices your company should adopt.

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Top Languages in the US

Posted by Josh Kroman May 27, 2014

Did you know? German was once a primary spoken language in the United States! Until the 1920s, it was the second-most spoken tongue, falling just behind English. There were many newspapers published in German, and schools often taught both languages to young students.

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How Dynamic Translations Support the Local Community

Posted by Josh Kroman April 29, 2014

It is estimated that about 8.1% of the United States population cannot speak, write, or understand English. With the current US population count estimated at 3.16 million people, that means almost 25,280,000 people need assistance in understanding English.

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Master Pronunciation by Learning the International Phonetic Alphabet

Posted by Josh Kroman April 08, 2014

Many of us know what the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)is – sort of. You’ve probably seen it in a dictionary before – characters slightly resembling the English alphabet written to the right of a word, e.g. \fə-ˈne-tik\. Many know that it explains how to pronounce the word. Very few of us actually know how to read these characters, however, as the IPA is largely ignored by the average citizen. It’s a shame, because knowing the IPA has great benefits!

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Interpreting vs. Translation: What's the Difference?

Posted by Josh Kroman March 27, 2014

When ordering language services, clients often ask for "a translator," not knowing that what they really need is an interpreter. It is a common misconception that these two services are interchangeable. Rather, they are completely separate skill sets.
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