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State-funded medical interpreters at risk in WA

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Incoterms update goes into effect Jan. 1; are you ready?

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Zulu language hits national newsstands for the first time

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Introducing: The new

Wordfast now supports iPhone, other mobile devices

Apple launches online Apple Store for China

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A new language discovered, two dead languages revived

Dolphin species alter “language” to better communicate

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Apple introduces Cherokee keyboard, wireless printing

Avoid costly translation mistakes in marketing

Learn good international business etiquette

One size does not fit all for sign language

Wordfast Anywhere is now compatible with the iPad

Dynamic Language president foresees future growth

WASCLA shows you how to enhance access to language

Basecamp increases maximum file size

Dynamic Language ranks on Inc. Magazine's 5000 list

Traveling in Europe with an iPhone: What worked for me

Learn languages online alongside native speakers

Figure out meaning of “sucky” business jargon

Patent approved for Microsoft's Kinect motion sensor

Spice up summer with international cuisine

Google Docs now translates

Reasons to learn a new language

Increase business by localizing your website

iPhone 4 features Braille compatibility

Electronic Translation in the Classroom

Computers that could replace human jobs

Saving extinct and endangered languages!

RhinoSpike Teaches You Foreign Languages by Hearing Native Speakers

Cheer up daily with a fun fact on Twitter

English health care lingo proves tricky

Embrace the Country's Diverse Immigrant Population

Search Google Without the Use of a Keyboard

Video Chat for iPhone 4

AccessDynamic Powered by Basecamp: 13 New Languages

2010 Association of Language Companies (ALC) Board of Directors

Facebook Takes the Global Translation World by Storm

Cellictica Heads Speech-to-Speech Translation App

Updated Google Goggles!!

World Cup Fans Listen Up!

Dynamic Partners with Washington State Pharmacy Association (WSPA)

iPhone Apps Translated into Different Languages

Inogolo Demonstrates Pronunciation of Difficult Proper Names

Translate Microsoft Documents without Losing Formatting

Google Adds 34 Languages for Text-to-Speech Application

Microsoft's 'Translating Telephone'

iPhone App Turns Phone into Double-ended Language Translator

Google Virtual Keyboards

New Language: Brooklynese

Foreign Service Institute's Language Courses Available Free Online

Google Improves Language Tools

Great iPhone Apps for Travelers

UPCOMING EVENT: Washington State Nonprofit Conference

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Useful Tips when Working with an Interpreter

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“Get Jersey Shored” All Around the World

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LangLadder Aids Foreign Language Students with Reading and Vocabulary‎

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"Minority Supplier of the Year" Award Goes To...

Putting Free Text Translations to the Test

Small Step for Google - Big Step for Language Barriers

Improve Your Foreign Language Through Music

Forgotten Languages

Translation App Created for iPhone and iPod Touch

30th Anniversary for Port of Seattle and China

Domains In Your Preferred Lanauge

Google Creates Mobile App to Translate Text from Photos

ALC Video Message Task Force

Google Speech-to-Speech Translator On the Go

Study says: Uncertified Court Interpreters Lead to Unjust Outcomes

Remote Interpreters Assist in Court

Red Cross Bridges Language Barrier in Haiti

Allerglobal Creates Multi-lingual Allergy Travel Cards

Google Launches Translator Application

IBM Makes Impact on Language Barriers

Get Your Own Creations on the Apple App Store!

Popular Microblogging Service Localizes-Attracts Asian Users

Technology grows for the hard of hearing

Microsoft sets out to Localize Windows 7

A New Way to ‘Unify’ the Spanish Language

Apple Adds More Language Localization Options

Learn Languages on the Go

Make Way for HTML5

Localize While It's Hot!

Bridging Gaps in Emergency Preparedness

Are you a "Gmail ninja"?

Stop the translation!

Hear Me Sign

Need a dictionary?

Speak the Language

Rick Steves is iPhone ready!

It sounds like something from Star Trek…

Unwanted Tourists Be Gone

iPhone 3G S Global Expansion

TAUS Launches Language Data Exchange Portal

Health Care Reform: Removing Language Barriers

Automatic Email Translation for Gmail users!

Spanish Translation: The Need of Neutral Language

Garfield Goes Bilingual

"Don't forget to carry your thing"

Swine Flu Pandemic: Increase in Outline Translations

Are Languages becoming Extinct?

Dynamic Language Nominated for 2009 Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) “Supplier of the Year Awards Program"

Welcome to Dynamic's Language Services Blog!

iPhone's Newest Application: “Free Translator”

Dynamic Language profiled on!

New President Gives Hope for "Languistically-aware Leadership"

FREE Online Language Lessons through Seattle Public Library

FREE Language Instruction on iTunes

xLingo Language Exchange is an online website that offers FREE tutorial practice for those seeking the thrill of learning a new language!

Pharmacies agree to translate drug instructions

Europe mapped by language

Free Language Instruction

ASL (American Sign Language): Different Essentials to Visual Language

Inc. 5000!!

Typing Chinese Characters

2007 US Census shows that minorities are becoming a majority

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