Hear Me Sign

Posted by Audrey Dubois-Boutet on August 06, 2009

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing community may soon have a new way to communicate with those that do not sign. The Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc. (IDRTA) has been conducting research on a device called the AcceleGlove, a “sensor-instrumented glove that can capture motion and position of hand and fingers then input that data into a computer.”

The research will determine if the AcceleGlove will be a viable option as a “portable, wearable, and affordable interface to translate the gestures of American Sign Language (ASL) into English text and speech using a notebook computer or PDA-type device.” IDRTA currently offers several fingerspelling software products to be used with the AcceleGlove to teach students how to sign correctly.

Click here to read about IDRTA's research.

Topics: Sign Language, Deaf