It sounds like something from Star Trek…

Posted by Audrey Dubois-Boutet on July 13, 2009

Simply talk into your mobile device and you will hear an audio interpretation back in another language? Sakhr Software just announced the release of a new mobile app for iPhone and Blackberry users, utilizing Mobile Speech to Speech (S2S) technology that will do just that for English-Arabic translation.

According to the article in BusinessWeek, the app “uses a rule-based language system that judges meaning based on context” to ensure that the translation is accurate.

Based on a video that accompanies the article, the translation app is not perfect, but is accurate enough to communicate. Although this app is currently only being offered to the US Department of Defense, it is proposed for use by businesses in the future. We think this app would also be a great travel companion tool for the individual consumer.

Click to read full article and see the video.

Topics: Interpretation