TAUS Launches Language Data Exchange Portal

Posted by Audrey Dubois-Boutet on June 05, 2009

TAUS (the Translation Automation User Society) has lauched the TDA language data exchange portal for public use. This means that members of the service can share their terminology bases and translation memory, and have access to the secure central database containing terminology from other members. This centralization should help to ensure consistency within industries, and and, according to TAUS's press release, "open[s] the way for a more significant and efficient translation industry benefiting from increased productivity, reduced costs, streamlined terminology and much more content being translated."

We are interested to see how the concept of communal term bases might affect the translation industry. As Common Sense Advisory comments on their blog, such projects will need further development, including increased content and specific quality control criteria, to realize their full potential.

Topics: Translation Technology