Eyes On Inbound Marketing Update

Posted by Rick Antezana Sep 12, 2014

An Inbound Marketer's Guide To Engaging With International Audiences

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Eyes On Inbound 2014: Business Factors That Impact Global Marketing

Posted by Rick Antezana Sep 11, 2014

Business Factors and Global Marketing

Today we round out our Inbound 2014 series with a look at some of the business factors you need to consider when you take your marketing efforts into a foreign speaking country. Beyond the language barrier and technical marketing aspects you need a strong understanding of the local business climate and cultural expectations in the area.

Not only does your client need to reassess their entire business as they prepare to expand into a new market, but you will have to do the same with your inbound marketing campaign and localize your content strategy to connect them with an overseas audience.

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Eyes On Inbound 2014: Global Social Media Trends

Posted by Rick Antezana Sep 9, 2014

Global Social Media Trends And The Art Of Engaging International Audiences:

We kicked off our Inbound 2014 series by looking at how to prepare a website for international markets, before we moved on to international SEO and content strategy. Next up we need to talk social media marketing and how to engage a foreign speaking audience with social content.
Social media has taken the world by storm and it's your challenge as an inbound marketer to address the unique social habits around the globe as your clients expand into different nations, languages and cultures. 
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Localization Strategy: The Advantages of Content Optimization

Posted by Josh Kroman Sep 8, 2014

   Are you planning a localization project in the near future? Whether you’re a project manager, a technical writer, a graphic designer or an editor, adjustments can be made to prepare your content for localization. Investing in a localization strategy which includes optimizing your content prior to translation will result in cost savings when working with your vendors and contractors.

Technical writer Mary Dulin has compiled a list of these content optimization tips entitled, “Is your content ready for Localization?” Ranging from writing and designing content to working with language service providers and translators, her list covers a wide variety of issues that come into play during localization projects. Here are some highlights:

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Eyes On Inbound 2014: Go Global With International SEO

Posted by Rick Antezana Sep 4, 2014

International SEO Strategy

We're back with another post in our Inbound 2014 series as we count down to the big event in Boston and run through of some of the topics we can't wait to discuss with inbound marketers. Today we're looking at International SEO Strategy, which brings up a number of talking points from a marketing perspective when planning a localization project.

With every language comes a new audience and you can't create an effective marketing strategy unless you know their persona inside out. Which means going back to the basics, so you can re-assess each stage of your inbound marketing campaign and focus it towards a foreign speaking audience.

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Eyes On Inbound 2014: Marketing Globally via Multilingual Websites

Posted by Rick Antezana Sep 2, 2014

We start our Inbound 2014 series with a look at how inbound marketers can prepare a website for expanding into a foreign speaking market. Whether you want to target Spanish speaking communities, expand across Central and South America or tap into a new audience the other side of the world, there are some fundamental changes and considerations required.

There is a lot more to crossing borders than a language barrier and you need to include a number of cultural factors in web design, as well as technical aspects to site structure and code - which is precisely what we are looking at today, before we move on to international marketing with SEO and social media.

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Localization Best Practices: International vs. Standard English

Posted by Josh Kroman Aug 28, 2014

What if you are trying to communicate with a country that uses English as an official language? Or you are using English to speak with people in the business world? Your work is done, right?

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What is a Translation Management System and Why Should You Care?

Posted by Rick Antezana Aug 14, 2014

What is Translation Management?

A translation management system or a global management system is a software suite that “manages” translation automation. The idea of these systems is to take the mundane tasks of processing and tracking translation projects (repetitive work) and leave that to software, while the “human” work like cultural interpretation is left up to the translation experts.

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Mistranslation in the Medical Device Industry Leads to Lawsuits

Posted by Rick Antezana Aug 7, 2014

Litigation happens. It's a simple truth when doing business, that no matter how tight and orderly your company's processes are, mistakes happen, and litigation can happen as well.  

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Is Machine Translation a Good Idea For Business Content?

Posted by Rick Antezana Jul 31, 2014

Machine translation (MT) has evolved into something that has been very unexpected. The last few years has seen a dramatic jump in the technology that affords businesses the opportunity to use machine translation to save time and money.

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