Localization Best Practices: International vs. Standard English

Posted by Josh Kroman Aug 28, 2014

What if you are trying to communicate with a country that uses English as an official language? Or you are using English to speak with people in the business world? Your work is done, right?

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What is a Translation Management System and Why Should You Care?

Posted by Rick Antezana Aug 14, 2014

What is Translation Management?

A translation management system or a global management system is a software suite that “manages” translation automation. The idea of these systems is to take the mundane tasks of processing and tracking translation projects (repetitive work) and leave that to software, while the “human” work like cultural interpretation is left up to the translation experts.

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Mistranslation in the Medical Device Industry Leads to Lawsuits

Posted by Rick Antezana Aug 7, 2014

Litigation happens. It's a simple truth when doing business, that no matter how tight and orderly your company's processes are, mistakes happen, and litigation can happen as well.  

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Is Machine Translation a Good Idea For Business Content?

Posted by Rick Antezana Jul 31, 2014

Machine translation (MT) has evolved into something that has been very unexpected. The last few years has seen a dramatic jump in the technology that affords businesses the opportunity to use machine translation to save time and money.

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Language Learning with WeSpeke

Posted by Rick Antezana Jul 24, 2014

In May, Adweek posted an article about language learning that we absolutely loved! We recommend you read the full article, but here’s a quick summary: a school in Brazil connected young teens who wanted to practice English with elderly Americans in retirement homes looking for a little companionship.

Below is a video featuring some of the participants. Warning: it may bring a tear to your eye!

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Top Languages in the US

Posted by Josh Kroman May 27, 2014

Did you know? German was once a primary spoken language in the United States! Until the 1920s, it was the second-most spoken tongue, falling just behind English. There were many newspapers published in German, and schools often taught both languages to young students.

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How Dynamic translations support the local community

Posted by Josh Kroman Apr 29, 2014

It is estimated that about 8.1% of the United States population cannot speak, write, or understand English. With the current US population count estimated at 3.16 million people, that means almost 25,280,000 people need assistance in understanding English.

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Master Pronunciation by Learning the International Phonetic Alphabet

Posted by Josh Kroman Apr 8, 2014

Many of us know what the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)is – sort of. You’ve probably seen it in a dictionary before – characters slightly resembling the English alphabet written to the right of a word, e.g. \fə-ˈne-tik\. Many know that it explains how to pronounce the word. Very few of us actually know how to read these characters, however, as the IPA is largely ignored by the average citizen. It’s a shame, because knowing the IPA has great benefits!

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Interpreting vs. Translation: What's the Difference?

Posted by Josh Kroman Mar 27, 2014

When ordering language services, clients often ask for "a translator," not knowing that what they really need is an interpreter. It is a common misconception that these two services are interchangeable. Rather, they are completely separate skill sets.
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Chris Lonsdale Ted Talk: How to Learn Any Language in 6 Months

Posted by Josh Kroman Mar 21, 2014

The below video features Chris Lonsdale, creator of Kungfu English and author of The Third Ear, explaining how anyone can learn and become fluent in a second language within six months.

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