Is Your Content Ready for Localization Infographic

Posted by Nolie Durham Oct 19, 2016

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The Complexity of Legal Translation

Posted by Nolie Durham Oct 12, 2016

Translation and practicing law are both very different vocations, but when it comes to the amount of flexibility that lawyers and translators have in the words they use, there is very little.  The word of the law is the word of the law – whether it’s in a statute, a contract, a patent, a confidentiality agreement or a witness statement; the law must be accurate in every language. Ensuring that legal terms are correct in the language they are being translated into is always vital, but sometimes challenging to achieve.

With the inherent complexity of the English language consider the difficulties in expressing English legal terms into other languages through translation.  There are cultural inconsistencies in legal translation that often come up.  English terms at times do not have offer direct translation in some languages.  For example, the Greek language offers no equivalent term for "fiduciary."  Should someone in your organization suggest machine translation  as a viable solution for legal translation, tell them to reconsider. 

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Tips for Teaching In a Culturally Diverse Classroom

Posted by Dynamic Language Sep 29, 2016

As the 2016-2017 school year goes into full swing, many teachers are faced with the challenge of discovering ways to connect with culturally diverse students and their families to ensure scholastic success.  There are many factors at school that affect the success of culturally diverse students – the school's atmosphere and overall attitudes toward diversity, involvement and support of the community, and a culturally responsive curriculum, to name a few. Of all of these factors, the personal and academic relationships between teachers and their students may be the most influential.  As a result, teachers from across the nation have shared insight on what has helped foster their relationships with a culturally diverse classroom.

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Dynamic Language Launches Access Dynamic Client Portal

Posted by Dynamic Language Sep 23, 2016

Dynamic Language Launches Access Dynamic Client Portal

September 23, 2016 -

New client portal allows for transparency of company spending habits and ease of communication.

Seattle, WA – September 23, 2016 – New client portal will allow clients to view open and past quotes, projects as well as create reports to better capture that company's spending by language type, project type and department.

“We realized that our clients need a more streamlined and centralized way to interact with our team.  The solution is Access Dynamic, which provides instant access to all our services."  Rick Antezana, Dynamic Language partner

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A Comparative Look at English Words in US vs the UK

Posted by Nolie Durham Sep 15, 2016

As with foreign language translation, companies and tourists alike should be familiar with differentiations of meanings behind the English language.  US Companies that provide services and products in the UK and vice-versa will need to ensure the proper usage of words as to represent any branding in an appropriately perceived manner.

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OUGH words illustrated by Lucy and Ricky Ricardo -      There are EIGHT different pronunciations of OUGH.

Posted by Nolie Durham Sep 13, 2016

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Meeting the Challenges of App Localization: International Keyboards and JavaScript

Posted by Dynamic Language Sep 6, 2016

When you first dream of launching an app globally, the excitement of sharing your product with the world can sometimes blind you to the intricacies involved in the process. Regardless of how rose-colored your glasses are, however, taking an app global presents unique challenges which must be addressed.

Why App Localization is Needed

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have seen many posts about what localization is and why it matters. For a brief refresher, you can check out the Dynamic Language "Guide to Written Language Services Infographic" or take a look at the article "Taking Your App Global - What Could Go Wrong?"

The goal of localization is to enable a user who speaks another language to have the same user experience as a user who speaks the language in which the app was first developed. Rather than a word for word translation, the aim of localization is to provide a comparable user experience to a linguistically and culturally diverse target audience.
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Stories that Prove the Importance of Localization

Posted by Dynamic Language Aug 31, 2016

If you have come to the conclusion that expanding into international markets is the best way to increase revenues and drive business growth, you likely realize that there are several fundamental components of a successful global launch of your products. One of the most challenging of these components regards translation and localization of your product and marketing materials.

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Professional Interpreters Can Help Reduce Hospital Costs - Avoid Errors

Posted by Dynamic Language Aug 25, 2016

A 9-year old Vietnamese girl suffering from an infection was rushed to the hospital by her parents and 16-year old brother. Her parents spoke primarily Vietnamese. The hospital failed to provide an interpreter at any point in the medical encounter, relying instead on the girl and her brother to interpret for the physician and parents.

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Guide to Written Language Services Infographic

Posted by Dynamic Language Aug 22, 2016

It is critical that companies choose the appropriate language service when opting to translate a product or service or your website for different countries and regions.  Dynamic Language offers translation, localization and transcreation services.  No particular service type is "better" than another.  Rather, each is appropriate for varying circumstances.

Let’s take a quick look at when is the most appropriate time to utilize each written language service type. 

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